Jeanne T. Arrigo REVIEWS:

"A Chicago singer/songwriter, Arrigo is startlingly straightforward, earnest and organic in her material, which is enlivened by a beautiful singing voice... The sincerity and artistry of this performer could connect with a niche audience, if given the chance." 
- Music Connection Magazine, March '05 (To read the full review, click here.)

"The strong emotions explored on Jeanne T. Arrigo's Five Songs CD ring true thanks to her classic folk singer vocals and deft touch with lyrics..." 
- Terrence Flamm, Illinois Entertainer, April `05 (To read the December ’05 review of the full-length CD, click here.)



Electronic Press Kit:

“The thing you notice the most about this CD is Jeanne Arrigo's voice. With a dynamic range and sound, it captures you and keeps you listening. Guitar is the perfect accompaniment to it, rounding out the folk feel that primarily defines this album. If you love to explore the complex inner world of feeling and emotion, this is a good bet -- Arrigo serves it up strong with her voice as the rich delivery.”
-, July`06 (To read the full review, click here.)
“…the smooth vocals of Arrigo and a great story to tell, makes this artist hard to knock. If you like Sheryl Crow’s songwriting style, and the candid nature of Jewel, or if you just enjoy solid honest folk music with great vocal and music arrangements, then you will definitely like “Five Songs” by Jeanne T. Arrigo.”
- Muen Magazine, March/April ’05
“For those who like their folk songs more introspective and intense, Arrigo is their girl. She has a passionate, powerful, almost operatic voice that holds long notes for a long time.” 
- Jennifer Layton,, 9/04 (To read the full review, click here.)
"It's good quality material for the genre, with light but catchy melodies"
"I couldn't help but be entranced with Jeanne's high end vocal expression and phrasing throughout; a very introspective and intense listening experience. A beautiful music production..."
- Annette Warner,, 11/04 (To read the full review, click here, and scroll to the bottom.)
"Jeanne's voice is strong and at times she sounds like Anne Wilson of Heart..."
-Monica Yonge, 11/04 (To read the full review, click here.)